Which areas should we focus on to improve customer experience? How can we accelerate our
process and become more efficient? Can our employees use our new systems, or do we need
more training? How can we take advantage of digital opportunities for our products?

Curiosity is a crucial trait when it comes to digital. Questions help you to identify challenges
and opportunities
. Questions, and the answers to those questions, can shape a digital vision
and strategy. Questions are what drives a business transformation forward.

Measure your organization’s performance with engaging online assessments. Use the results
to refine your digital strategy, design your digitalization program, identify challenges and
prioritize the projects with greatest potential impact. You can also use online assessments to
evaluate your employees’ digital capabilities in an engaging, shareable and interactive way.

What you get

● An online assessment ready to be shared with your employees or uploaded to your
LMS systems or to your website.
● Tailor-made assessment content for your system, including the following:

  • A quiz or a sorting activity for your assessment.
  • Up to 20 questions.
  • check
    Feedback for your users for those questions (if required).
  • check
    An introduction to explain the purpose of the assessment with your users (if
  • check
    A “Next steps” section to let your users know what will happen next (if

Check out an example!

This is an example of a knowledge check assessment activity. There're are tons of options to engage your organization and assess the current status and needs!

What we need from you

  • A short introduction to your assessment.
  • Questions and feedback for your assessment.
  • Your choice between a quiz or a sorting activity.
  • check
    Your choice of output format for your assessment (web, social media, LMS, .pdf).

How it works

You simply prepare the questions and feedback for the assessment and select the type of assessment format you’d like to have (either a quiz or a sorting activity). You’re done! We take care of preparing an appealing and easy-to-use online assessment.

Finally, we’ll review the output together and make any required adjustments to make it shine!


How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple. After you purchase, we’ll set up a brief online meeting. Here you will walk through your assessment objectives and select the best format to achieve your objectives. You’ll then prepare the questions, introduction and feedback and deliver them to us. We’ll be in contact with you while we’re designing your assessment. Finally, we’ll review the assessment together to make sure you love it!

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, we can provide one round of revisions (if necessary).

Can you also help me to prepare the questions for my assessment?

Yes, we can! Content creation is billed on an hourly basis. Contact us to discuss your case in detail and get a quotation for your project!

How do I share my questions with you?

It’s easy! We use Google Drive for easy file sharing. Type in your questions in a Word or Google Docs document and share it with us. If you already use Drive, we’ll simply use your existing folder system. If you don’t, we’ll set up a new Drive folder for you! And if your company already has a content management system you prefer to use, we’ll work with that.