Thank you 2019

A new year always sparks conversations about what we’ve done, who we are, and who we’d like to become. In the day-to-day messiness, it’s often easy to forget all the things you’ve accomplished, so Christmas seems like a natural time to step back and reflect. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up the top 9 […]

Not all clouds are created equal — a guide to the pros and cons of cloud-hosted vs cloud-based PLM.

Who doesn’t use some cloud application nowadays? Gmail, slack, salesforce, … according to a recent CIMdata survey, almost 80% of manufacturers already use cloud-based services. Although ERP and CRM are the most common cloud enterprises solutions, cloud PLM is starting to become more prevalent. Today, most PLM vendors have now jumped the bandwagon, and are […]

8 Things We Learned From working remotely

Working remotely can pose a challenge for any organisation. Even more so (as in our case) the business was originally started this way, with no prior experience of the traditional working day. Every member of our team lives and works in a different city, and any new staff receive their initial training on-line. Working remotely […]

Why You Need a PLM Bible.

Last week, we lost one client. The company’s management got tired of user complaints and slow progress and decided to halt their PLM Program. The company had invested a lot of money in a customized PDM system and integrated all its CAD applications in an attempt to boost reuse and accelerate their product deliveries. However, […]

How can we make PLM simpler?

Two weeks ago, my blogging peer Jos Voskuil published a blog entitled “Why PLM will never be simple”. If users want quick, easy, and painless – that is, if users want “simple” – why shouldn’t PLM also be simple? We’d all love to make PLM simpler, but how? Jos’ post inspired me to share how […]