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Digital Adoption Platform & Future of PLM Training w/ Anders Axelsson

In this episode we will be talking with Anders Axelsson from Light My Way, TECHNIA’s new digital adoption platform, and the future of PLM training.

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Anders joined TECHNIA in 2005 and quickly developed his role from Application Developer to Technical Lead in several successful PLM implementation projects for clients such as Scania and Seco Tools.

During the first years, Anders realized the value of TECHNIA’s software and soon moved to R&D. Over the past 10 years, Anders’ focus has been on TECHNIA software such as the Value Components and Light My Way. Anders made a large contribution to the code base but spends most of his time today on planning and presentation as a Product Manager.V

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Key Takeaways

  • Light My Way (LMW) is a new way to make your 3D user experience enjoyable working with the platform by giving them guidance and user training directly in the application.
  • Most other in-app guidance tools are designed for generic software. They focus mainly on CRM and don’t adapt well to the quirks of the 3D EXPERIENCE platform. LMW was especially built to suit the specificities of 3D EXPERIENCE platform.
  • LMW will not replace traditional training but it will change it. Trainers will be able to focus more on teaching the overview and context behind processes, rather than having to spend time showing the steps and clicks.
  • LMW can help with resistance to change issues as people tend to not like what they don’t understand or struggle with. LMW makes the learning curve much less steep.
  • Pop-up cues can be turned on and off at any time so that complex processes can always have the guidance on. Simple ones will be able to be turned off after the first use.
  • LMW makes sure to sync with any updates happening on the official 3D EXPERIENCE platform. However, when clients make customized changes, the trials will need to be adapted. However, they have made it so that it is very easy to update.
  • In LMW users can have personalized guidance by using a tagging system. For example, if a user opts for an ‘’advance tag’’, they will only be shown advanced cues. Tagging can also be done per role. For example, we can have an “engineer tag”, which will only display relevant instructions to the user with this tag.
  • LMW team is looking at implementing some artificial intelligence (AI) components into LMW to personalize and automate experience. For example, the system could automatically recognize the location of a user and translate the instructions into the language of the user.
  • Another feature LMW is looking at adding is analytics that will allow PLM admins to see which processes users are especially struggling with. Based on this data, training could be adapted.
  • They are also looking at adding gamification into LMW. Users could earn some badges after completing a certain amount of trail. This will also allow managers to identify super users.
  • Although LMW is a generic app that can work in any PLM, it was built specifically for the 3D EXPERIENCE.


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