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Share PLM Podcast Myriam Jenni

Your Source for Learning Everything PLM

Our Share PLM team is always working to move PLM and digital transformation forward, so we decided to start this podcast so that we can explore the vast topic of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and discuss how organizations can be successful with their PLM implementations.

Share PLM Podcast

The purpose of this podcast is to SHARE our knowledge and that of other experts in the PLM world to bring technology closer to people. Each month, our teammate Myriam Jeni will be hosting and interviewing different guest speakers who have a lot to share! You will hear fascinating interviews, actionable tips, experiences, and strategies that you will be able to implement into your PLM strategy.

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[10] Nick Owens – The people, Process, Organizational Change side of PLM

[11] Henrik Hulgaard – Configuration Lifecycle Management as a Competitive Advantage