“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well known English idiom. It refers to the notion that a complex idea can be explained with just a single image, and that this is more effective than a description.

Communicating visually is one of the most effective ways to explain complex PLM concepts and processes, and can be a great way to explain your way of working and create valuable instructions for your users.

Interactive infographics are appealing, entertaining, and designed to keep readers engaged. They are perfect for explaining complex concepts, document messy datamodels or walk your employees through your new processes.

Labeled graphics with interactive markers help you make complex concepts stick in mind. Outline process steps, toggle different views, reveal key information with interactions and combine media to keep your learners hooked!

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What you get

  • A custom design to represent a concept, process or system architecture of your choice. We’ll help you visualize a complex concept and design a graphic that matches your unique identity.
  • An interactive graphic representing your concept, process or datamodel in .aspx and .html. formats.
  • Up to 12 hotspots with definitions.
  • You can also add your own images and video to the hotspots.

What we need from you

See it live

Click on the labeled graphic to discover how it works with this example!

How it works

You simply prepare the content for the interactive infographic and explain us in a mail or short meeting what you want to represent. What do you want your audience to learn from this visualization? Is there an action you want them to take?

You send us a package with the files and your branding style. You’re done!

We take care of mixing up all the ingredients and come up with an appealing and easy-to-use interactive graphic!

Finally, we review the graphic and definitions together and make the required adjustments to make it shine!

Get your Interactive Infographic with a custom design.


What’s an interactive infographic?

Infographics are a visual representation of information or data, e.g. as a process chart or concept diagram. They’re well suited to add interactive elements, to click on these graphics and bring up more information.

What’s a hotspot?

With a hotspot, you can open a pop-up to bring up information such as text, images, videos or link to external content.

How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple. After you purchase, we’ll set up a brief online meeting. Here, you will walk through the concept you want to represent and select the relevant data to include in the graphic. You’ll then prepare the screenshots, recordings and content and deliver them to us. We’ll be in contact with you while we’re designing your interactive graphic. Finally, we’ll review it together to make sure you love it!

What if I want to include more than 12 hotspots?

You can add more applications by buying more gigs. For example, if you want to add 20 hotspots, you’ll need to order 2 gigs. Contact us if you have questions, and we’ll discuss your case in detail.

Can I combine this service with other services?

Of course!  You might also want to book our Strategy Session. We'll discuss your company case and provide you our advice and recommendations for your learning project.

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, we can provide one round of revisions (if necessary).

Can you also help me to prepare my infographic learning content?

Yes! Content creation is billed on an hourly basis. Contact us to discuss your case in detail and get a quotation for your project!

How do I share my files content with you?

It’s easy! We use Google Drive for easy file sharing. If you already use Drive, we’ll use your existing folder system. Otherwise, we’ll set up a new Drive folder for you! And if your company already has a content management system and you prefer to use it, just use it to share your files.

How long do you need to prepare the interactive infographic?

We can have your first system login course prepared and ready to publish in just 3 weeks. After that, our policy is to review the content and make any required adjustments within a week. You will receive the interactive graphic ready to be published to your content management system,LMS or website as soon as you give us your final OK.

Why not just do it myself?

You certainly can. If you have free time you would prefer to spend designing interactive infographics, that may be a better option for you. This service is designed for organizations that want to harness the power of eLearning without having to invest all their time producing designing complex graphics by themselves.

More examples?

Do you need more examples? Here you have some more!