Industrial IoT Platform, Edge Computing, & Noux Node w/Juha Kurkela

In this episode, we will be talking with Juha Kurkela about industrial IoT platform, IoT implementation for OEMs, edge computing, and the platform Noux Node.

Juha Kurkela

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Juha is a partner and product owner at Noux Node whose main product is the industrial IoT platform, NouxCloud. Noux Node was founded by people with a strong background in industrial automation, software engineering, and PLM. The mission is to provide IoT solutions to original equipment manufacturers of all sizes and industries. NouxCloud platform is a SaaS model service and enables OEMs to capture and connect data from their machine’s control systems plus other relevant data sources.

By education Juha is a mechanical engineer and by initial career a product developer. After working for a while in supply chain management he gained experience in CAD, PDM, and ERP systems, as well as engineering and supply processes. Before Noux Node, Juha was an entrepreneur and technical consultant of all things PLM, especially industrial data and digitalization. He strongly believes that successful business is about people, processes, and data.

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Key Takeaways

  • IoT adds an entirely new layer to PLM. Simple objects will now generate a new quantity of data. On the other hand, IoT will also open doors to many new opportunities.
  • Some OEM still struggle to figure out a way to generate income from all the IoT-generated data.
  • According to Juha, IoT hasn’t lived up to its word yet, but this doesn’t mean you should wait. When the hype will finally come to realize, it will come like a tidal wave and if you haven’t done anything, it might be too late then.
  • In order to define what is meaningful data and appropriate infrastructure for your OEM, you first need to define your business model. Once you’ve identified it, start somewhere where the investment is small.
  • IoT implementation comes in 4 steps that most OEMs should go through:
    • Start monitoring devices: that allows OEMs to get data and then present it to their end customer.
    • Optimization: OEMs can present data to their machine operator, that will then know how to improve their process.
    • Service: if you have better data you can arrange better service and maintenance
    • R&D: is the long term target.
  • To ensure cybersecurity, VPNs are used to secure the data when it’s moving from machine to cloud.
  • Big data can become an issue if too much is captured. Besides if you are using machine learning, you don’t need to capture all of the data generated. Edge computing allows you to filter only the data you need directly within the machine.
  • When we talk about IoT platforms, it is important to make the distinction between commercial platforms that are suited for consumer products (smart fridge, lights, etc.), and an industrial IoT platform. Industrial IoT platforms are specifically designed for OEMs needs and specificities.
  • Noux Node specializes in supporting original equipment, manufacturer’s service, business, and product life cycle management by software, data, and expertise.
  • Noux Node also supports their customers in defining their business model which then in turn helps identify which IoT platforms to select and what to do with them.
  • It’s easy to use and only takes a small investment to start. They are offering the platform in SaaS model for a monthly fee. Plus, they have a low code approach, which means you don’t need a lot of technical expertise to use it.
  • They also focus on software independency. This means that Noux Cloud can be connected to any existing machines. They also make sure that the integration between interfaces is easy to set up by OEMs. They achieve this by using an edge computing application. The software can be installed in any Linux environment. It can capture data from any communication protocols.
  • OEMs’ end customers don’t use the platform, they only see the dashboard and data from their own machines.
  • Another advantage of Noux Cloud is it facilitates the process of requesting service tools. The software can push service requests directly to third-party service providers.