Define a learning strategy and craft a project plan for your PLM training in a 1-Day on-site workshop.

If you want to success with it, you need to establish the right foundation, define a pedagogical strategy, plan accordingly and identify key performance indicators.

A strategy that brings your PLM digital learning to the next level and suits your company culture and business needs.

What you get

  • 1 day onsite workshop
  • Review current training status.
  • Share experiences from other learning strategies, and see how we apply the best practices.
  • Map the topics that need to be documented / trained and craft a strategy to cover the learning needs.
  • Define a plan to transform key functionalities documentation into engaging interactive eLearning courses.
  • strategy report containing:
  • Workshop findings and recommendations.
  • Project plan to make your Learning strategy succeed.
  • Recommended PLM learning paths.
  • Internal marketing guidance.
  • Learning Management System recommendations.

What we need from you

  • Pre-workshop preparations:
  • Your company’s PLM vision, with a focus on training and deployment.
  • Walk through your existing PLM documentation.
  • The status of your current learning program and Learning Management System.
  • The PLM/IT concepts or systems you want to include in your learning strategy.
  • Target people of your learning program.

How it works

Together, we will set up a 1-day onsite workshop that fits your schedule.

During the workshop, we’ll listen to you and ask key questions to better support and guide you through your learning project. We’ll take advantage of our long PLM and eLearning experience to provide you with great advice and recommendations for your learning project.

One week later, you’ll get a strategy report, which will guide you during the next steps and make your PLM program a success!


How do I get started?

It’s simple. After you purchase, we’ll set up an online meeting to start planning the workshop.

Can I combine the learning strategy workshop with other services?

Of course! During 1 day, we’ll listen to your case, give you advice on latest PLM and eLearning trends, and make you a customized offer.

How long do you need to prepare the report?

Your Strategy Report will be ready one week after.

What happens after I receive the report?

We’ll schedule another online session to go through the report together and, if you wish, define next steps to boost your learning project.

Why should I select Share PLM for a strategy session?

We’ve been working in PLM for years. We understand the important role a good learning program plays in the success of an organization’s Product Lifecycle Management. We help companies promote and better understand PLM through training and eLearning. We believe that PLM cannot succeed without knowledgeable people. If you share the same values, contact us!

Why not just do the course myself?

You certainly can. If you have free time you would prefer to spend time browsing internet, then that may be the better option for you. This service is designed for organizations that want to harness the power of eLearning without having to invest all their time investigating the latest trends. If you choose us, we’ll share with you other companies’ best practices that cannot be found in internet. In addition, by spending one hour with us, you will get a customized report with all the recommendations you need to boost your learning project.