Our process is rooted in design thinking. It starts with a discovery phase to understand your context. We’ll then articulate your PLM vision in a compelling way and prepare a change enablement strategy. With a plan defined, we’ll tackle the three most important change enablement pillars: learning, user experience, and communication. Finally, we’ll support you to sustain the change.


Developing a change enablement strategy requires context and careful planning.
From discovery, through planning and development, these are the steps we follow in every new engagement:


In the discovery phase, we explore your organization’s current state and identify opportunities for improvement through an Organizational Change Management (OCM) assessment. We explore your learning and communication initiatives with your team and management. We even talk to your users to evaluate the current user experience.

The discovery sessions are conducted through interviews. The final result being an assessment report that we discuss in a collaborative workshop.


In this phase, we define and scope your PLM vision in order to work on your change enablement strategy.

Through a series of collaborative workshops, we’ll be your compass. We’ll help your team articulate a storyline to guide the transformation and define a three-minute pitch to convey the vision in a concise way. Finally, we’ll get down to your strategy, evaluate the quick wins, and put together a plan to move forward.


In the development phase, we’ll work across the three pillars of change enablement: learning, user experience, and communication.

Our process is rooted in the design thinking methodology. We’ll workshop, brainstorm, and discuss a lot – collaboratively defining the best initiatives for your company.

With an agile approach, we’ll select the most relevant initiatives based on your situation and your quick wins.


Finally, we can also help you to sustain your change enablement efforts – Our coaches work hand in hand with you to bring your people onboard by supporting the end users, while maintaining your learning and communication assets.

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