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Are you new to PLM consulting? Do you want to improve your performance and excel with clients?

Look no further! Our PLM Consulting Toolkit is just right for you! This practical 6-week course will turn you into a fully-equipped PLM consultant with the appropriate tools and techniques to match!

What you'll learn

The PLM Consulting Toolkit contains everything you could ever need to know about advising companies. Each class is geared towards a specific project that every PLM consultant should know how to complete. Check out these learning milestones!


Learn what working with business processes in the PLM environment entails and how processes are mapped, modelled, and documented. ​


Running cross-functional PLM projects is neither easy nor straightforward. In this class, you'll understand how to orchestrate several large and interconnected initiatives.


Understand the wide range of interconnected applications throughout the product lifecycle. We'll walk you through the complex technology stack and the system roles.​


Learn how to articulate a vision statement for a PLM initiative and to provide direction. This class will show you how to instill a clear change strategy in an inspiring and engaging way.​


Learn what a PLM audit is, how to prepare for it, and why a company may want to conduct one. ​


People are the key to a successful PLM transformation. In this class, we'll cover how to keep people engaged, get buy-in, and foster commitment.​

How it works

The 6 PLM Consulting Toolkit classes are self-paced, set in one of three customer environments, and run over 6 weeks. Each setting involves assignments specific to the customer. Live, group mentoring sessions will be held after each customer project adjourns.

16 hours of flexible learning in total!

You will have 24/7 access to partially self-paced, engaging eLearning materials, free from bias towards any particular system.
The only virtual meeting times are the bi-weekly mentoring sessions, so you can learn the material at your own pace!

Ready to get on the fast track to PLM consulting?

Become a PLM Consultant faster!

With our practical toolkit, you'll learn how to manage complex PLM projects.
Crafted by consultants who have worked in companies around the world

“I have always had a fantastic experience working with Helena at Share PLM. Share PLM can be counted on for their expertise and very high-quality training products. I am confident that you can expect to get the same from this one-of-a-kind course.”

Rob Ferrone
Founder and Director, Quick Release

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✓ Practical PLM tools and techniques


✓ Confidence to instill trust and upsell

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