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PLM is complex, and it takes time and effort to digest its targets and methods. When IT deployment and technical content is dull and presented poorly, it can overwhelm, turn off, and frustrate learners.

Get your ideas and methods organized and present content in a dynamic and understandable way with a PLM online course. Help your people understand complex concepts by using beautiful visuals and interactive learning materials.

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An online course delivers educational content online, conveniently accessible at any time, from any place. Self-paced online learning leads to much higher engagement and productivity since employees can learn at their speed. An online course can help you get your goals and methods organized. You can present content in a dynamic and understandable way and help your learners understand complex concepts. 


We’ll discuss your course requirements, objectives and audience in a brief online meeting. Here, you will walk us through the concept you want to represent and select the relevant data to include in the course.

You’ll then gather your existing documentation, prepare the screenshots, videos and images and deliver them to us. You send us a package with the files and your branding style. We’ll schedule a short second meeting to walk through these materials.

We can also help you prepare the content, your branding materials, and IT deployment. We’ve been in the trenches of PLM for a while and can help you simplify and create your training content to be the most effective. Content creation is billed on an hourly basis. If you are interested, let’s discuss your case in detail and get a quotation for your project!

We take care of mixing all the ingredients and coming up with an appealing and easy-to-use online course. We’ll deliver your course no later than 3 weeks after you’ve made the purchase. We’ll be in contact with you while we’re designing your course. We usually have weekly meetings to make sure that we are on track and on the same page!

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to review the course and we’ll make any required adjustments to make it shine!

We can also help you maintain your course and keep it up to date with our support services. Get in touch and we’ll discuss your goals.

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