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PLM Training & Share PLM w/ Beatriz González

In this episode, we will be talking with Beatriz González Pedraza, co-founder of Share PLM, about PLM training and how she and Helena Gutierrez started our company.

Beatriz González Pedraza

Bea González Share PLM Podcast

Share PLM is a young, energetic company united by a passion for all things digital. We’ve been in the trenches of Product Lifecycle Management for over 10 years and we are obsessive about efficient learning and good design. Share PLM’s mission is to make the complex world of Product Lifecycle Management easier to navigate by taking PLM training to the next level.

Share PLM was started by Helena Gutierrez and Beatriz González. They met at the age of 18 in Madrid while studying a Master of Aerospace Engineering. Their lives split up when Helena moved to Germany and Beatriz to Mallorca. After a couple of years, Beatriz ended up working for Helena in Frankfurt and their lives joined again. From the beginning, they realized what a good team they made, so when Helena decided to start working on her own, 6 months later Beatriz joined her and together they started Share PLM.

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Key Takeaways

  • In her previous job, Beatriz worked on the PLM team of that company, and loved providing system support to people.
  • She believes that to have a successful PLM strategy, good training resources must be provided, but also good communication between the IT department and the business department. Simplifying technical concepts and relating them to a person’s daily work makes people feel engaged with the system and easily adapt to the change or new way of working.
  • SharePLM is able to adapt to any kind of system and customization. The first step is to understand the specificities of the organization and their system. We do that by conducting a strategy session. Then we will either ready the existing documentation, or if none exists, sit down with someone from the business to understand the relevant process.
  • The contact person from the business is a key asset regarding the success of the e-course. Helping SharePLM build the course doesn’t require too much time or investment from them. Our SharePLM team follows a standard project plan so we will know from the get-go in which stage of the project they will be needed, and how much time of their time.

  • SharePLM doesn’t only create training content, we can help organize the PLM concepts, identify the main processes and tools, and define a plan to go forward to develop all the necessary content. We adapt to different roles and present it in a visual and organized way.


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