Getting your organization to adopt new processes is tough. There's no shortage of resistance,
old ways of working, and experts with different opinions on how things should get done. So
where should you start?

How about pulling together a visual representation of your process that appeals to your
employee’s senses? One that walks your learners through the new process by interactively
showing them who and what is involved in the new process?

An interactive process map is a process flowchart that visually describes the flow of work. With
a combination of clickable hotspots and popups, interactive process maps show a series of
events that produce an end result.

Sometimes, process flowcharts get so large that they become difficult to see and understand.
With interactive process maps, you can break large diagrams into digestible process steps.
Bring your processes to life with interactivity – and take one giant step forward in your journey
toward digitalization!

Check out an example

Click on the hotspots to discover how it works

What you get

  • An interactive process map ready to be embed into a website or corporate platform.
  • Up to 12 process steps.
  • A custom process design to match your unique identity.
  • check
    Up to 20 hotspots to describe your process interactively.
  • check
    Your own pictures, links, videos or any web-based objects attached to each step of the

What we need from you

  •  A Process map in paper, Visio, .pdf or PowerPoint.
  • Hotspot positions and descriptions of each process step.
  • Relevant links and attachments to your process steps.
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    Logo and branding instructions (if any)
PLM Virtual Process

How it works

You simply prepare the content for the process by gathering the process map, attachments and process steps descriptions. Then you send us a package with the files. You’re done!

We take care of blending all the ingredients to come up with an appealing and engaging process map. Finally, we’ll review the result together and make any required adjustments to make it shine!


How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple. After you purchase, we’ll set up a brief online meeting. Here you will walk us
through your process, and we’ll discuss your design preferences. Then you’ll then gather the
process maps, attachments and process steps descriptions and deliver them to us. We’ll be in
contact with you while we’re designing your interactive process map. Finally, we’ll review the
result together to make sure you love it!

Do you provide revisions?

Yes, we can provide one round of revisions (if necessary).

Can you also help me to define or redesign my processes?

Yes, we can! Content creation is billed on an hourly basis. Contact us to discuss your case in
detail and get a quotation for your project!

What if I want to include more than 12 process steps?

You can add more process steps by buying more gigs. For example, if you want to add 20
process steps, you’ll need to order 2 gigs. Contact us if you have questions and we’ll discuss
your case in detail.

Can I add subprocesses to the main process steps?

You certainly can. However, the one-time purchase of this service does not include adding
subprocesses to your main process steps. Contact us to discuss your case in detail and get a
quotation for your project!

Can I upload the interactive process to our website?

Yes! We provide a .html file you can upload to your website!

Can I make changes to my process once submitted?

No. If you make a change to the content or scope of the process, you’ll need to purchase the
service again. However, design work and changes include one revision – so if there is
something you’d like to tweak about the design or implementation, that’s fine!

How do I share my files content with you?

It’s easy! We use Google Drive for easy file sharing.  If you already use Drive, we’ll simply use
your existing folder system. If you don’t, we’ll set up a new Drive folder for you! And if your
company already has a content management system that you prefer to use, we’ll work with

How long do you need to prepare the process map?

We can have your interactive process map prepared and ready to publish in just 3 weeks.
After that, our policy is to review the content and make any required adjustments within a
week. You will receive a process map in .html format, ready to be published to your website or
content management system, as soon as you give us your final OK.

Why not just do it myself?

You certainly can – and if you have free time you would prefer to spend designing interactive
process maps, then that may be the better option for you. This service is designed for
organizations that want to harness the power of eLearning without having to invest all their
time in producing the courses themselves.