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Feel free to take advantage of these free IT templates and other resources we’ve made to help you better understand Product Lifecycle Management.

All of these resources are in English since that’s the language we use the most with our European clients. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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PLM internal marketing blueprint

PLM Internal Marketing Blueprint

PLM Benchmark checklist

PLM Benchmark Checklist

We’ve prepared a practical checklist for you to remember what it takes to organize a PLM benchmark study. In it you’ll find the steps you should follow every time you organize a benchmarking project. Print out this handy checklist and get down to business!

Agile cheatsheet

Who Does What in Agile?

The 3 essential roles in Scrum are the product owner, the scrum master, and the scrum team. Don’t forget who does what in an agile project with this cheatsheet!

Learn Agile cheatsheet

Learn Agile Cheatsheet

Agile is a big change from the way people traditionally work. The good news is that your team will get better over time as they get to know each other better, create trust, and practice the framework. Don’t be frustrated if your first projects don’t deliver the promised end goals. It takes a while to get agile to work. This cheatsheet contains a list of 10 powerful tools and resources to learn more about agile. It’s a compendium of useful tips for you to continue your journey to agile project management!

learn PLM cheatsheet

Learn PLM Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet contains some key resources for you to learn PLM. It’s an infographic listing relevant information and resources to walk you through the first steps to learning PLM. This infographic contains the following key features:

  • 5 essential skills to master PLM
  • 5 essential books about PLM
  • 5 must-read books to keep you in the know
PLM product roadmap template

PLM Product Roadmap Template

This template is a beautiful business roadmap. Use it to showcase the key planning phases of your product lifecycle management development project. Build your roadmap of key project milestones, dates, and major themes.

Making sense of your product data infographic

Infographic: Making Sense of Your Product Data

Data is everywhere, and the things you can do with it are amazing. You can reinvent
your business, improve efficiency, and help your employees excel in their jobs.
Understand the key product data types and follow these key, actionable steps to make sense of your product data.

Manage your PLM program in 12 steps infographic

Infographic: Manage Your PLM Program Effectively in 12 Steps

PLM is neither easy nor straightforward. It involves defining and communicating complex concepts, running cross-functional projects, managing organizational change – and, at the end of the day, changing the way people work. 

A good program management definitely is a great place to start. With that in mind, here are 12 steps you can follow to manage your PLM program effectively.

plm timeline template

Timeline Template

Create beautiful roadmaps, build accurate Gantt Charts, and define the next steps of your PLM projects. Keep projects on track, visualize milestones, and plan your program with our customizable templates.

plm requirements management template

Requirements Management Template

This template helps you to manage requirements of your PLM projects. You can track requirements, follow up on a requirement’s lifecycle, monitor and document decisions.

PLM mini program charter template

PLM Mini Program Charter Template

A program charter is a key document that defines the fundamental information about a program and is used to authorize it. It provides an overview of where the program is going and why, while pointing out the scope and main deliverables. This IT template will help you easily create a program charter summary. This way you can find all the info in one convenient place: a fully customizable excel template and a guide to fill it in, all in one source. Enjoy!
stakeholder identification template

Stakeholder Identification Template

Early identification and communication with stakeholders is imperative to ensure your PLM program’s success. This fully customizable “Stakeholder Identification” excel template can be used to identify and classify the program stakeholders. Based on stakeholders’ power and influence, you will be able to plan the program properly, define the communication strategy and gain support.

PLM agenda template

Agenda Templates

A good PLM agenda can help your team get and stay focused in meetings. This fully customizable PowerPoint template is a great tool to put together your agenda and set a timeline for your PLM workshops and meetings. With its clean and elegant design, you will quickly create agendas for your meetings and workshops.

API inforgraphic

What Are APIs and How Do They Work?

Order dinner from your tablet. Track your activity on your smartphone. Book a seat at
the movies tonight with an app. APIs make this possible, and they’re behind much of what we do online. They connect businesses, applications, data and devices so you can order pizza for dinner, listen to your favorite music while exercising or buy movie tickets in just a few clicks. Want to know more about APIs and how they work? Download this infographic to have a short overview to get you started!

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