You won’t be alone!

Our 2 support packages will keep your courses up to date providing an amazing eLearning experience.

Our support services can help you if you…

  • Are you tired of spending hours updating your eLearning courses after new systems developments, system upgrades or new PLM concepts?
  • Are you or your team focus on new developments and doesn’t have time to update the documentation needed for training and deployments?

With our Basic package we will implement changes regarding texts and images, but if you are planning new system and concepts developments, the Premium package will be your preferred solution.

What you get

  • Maintenance support to keep your courses up to date and offer a best in class learning experience. Select one of the packages!

What we need from you

  • We will need access to your eLearning courses to perform the required maintenance.

How it works

You simply contact us and explain your support needs. We’ll agree on the best package for you.

You will communicate us the changes you need in your preferred way. We can use email or other task management system that you have in place.

Changes will be done within next 2 working days, after request.


Can I book a support package if my courses haven´t been developed by SharePLM?

Of course! You have only to send us the source files and we will maintain and improve your existing courses.

How can I make a maintenance request?

Simply write an email or give a call. We will answer within next day. We can also communicate through another channel.

Do I have to decide now which package to choose?

We will recommend you the package that suits better your needs. You can change the package based on the prevision of changes. For instance, if you are planning an upgrade, you could book the Premium package because you’ll probably have to update videos, graphics or system simulations.

Why not just do it myself?

You certainly can. If you have free time you would prefer to spend time updating the courses, then that may be the better option for you. This service is designed for organizations that want to harness the power of eLearning without having to invest all their time implementing eCourses changes.