Experience and practice with Systems Training

No matter how good your systems are, you won’t see the outcomes until your employees have learned, practiced, and mastered them. Hands-on system practice enables acquisition of new skills and provides a safe environment to learn, which lowers resistance to change.

Use a video to explain step-by-step what it takes to accomplish a task. Demos are a good way to introduce the workflow, process and navigation.

The training guides users through the workflow with captions and instructions to navigate the process. The user gets to experience the actual system while following the instructions.

Once the learner has gone through the demos and guided trainings and is comfortable with the process, she gets to test her knowledge with a click-through assessment.

Bridge the theory with systems training

Whether you’re transitioning to a new system or just want to improve employee performance using your current systems, system trainings allow your employees to get comfortable with the system and lose their fears of using it. By providing an interactive practice environment and guiding your employees through the new functionality, you help them acquire the skills they need to use the new system effectively and become familiar with it.