Estimated effort: 16 days

Why Do You Need An Assessment?

While most organizations start with technology in mind when rolling out PLM — they can create even greater value by focusing on people and enabling the change that PLM brings into an organization.

Uncovering the emotional connections of users to your PLM transformations is a messy endeavour, but this type of investigation gets at the why of user behaviour.  Understanding how the user feels and measuring the “temperature” is the first step to guide your change enablement initiative.

Start the conversation with your people and make them part of the change

What is an OCM Assessment?

An OCM assessment is a baseline to start a change enablement initiative. It strives to uncover the value users believe they are getting from the transformation – how they feel about your efforts.

An assessment reveals the “as-is” situation, the user’s feelings and the gaps in the current setup. But more than everything, an assessment is a source of opportunity to plan your change management initiative.

An OCM assessment is a baseline of the transformation’s “As-Is” situation

When Do You Need An Assessment?

Training & OCM Assessment

Estimated effort : 16 days

Case Study 5

Project Length: 3 sprint

Case Study 5

Project Length: 3 sprint

The company knew they had big adoption issues, but they didn’t understand the roots of resistance.

An assessment is a great opportunity to start of on the

right foot – by listening to the key stakeholders and

making sure they are involved.

We helped Valmet assess the current situation through a series of discovery workshops with key stakeholders, and a series of 1-1 interviews with users and management.

Based on the findings, we prepared a recommendations report to kick-off the adoption strategy.



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